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Do you love Agatha Christie stories, crime fiction, or unsolved mysteries?
Do you have a keen eye for details and solving puzzles? 
Are you considered a regular Sherlock Holmes? 


Do have what it takes to crack the case?


Become your own detective and step into a thrilling adventure delivered right to your door. Bring the drama and fun of the theatre right into your home with this 3-box murder mystery set.



In January of 1994, the playhouse collapsed under the weight of heavy snowfall. As rebuilding efforts were underway, Gretna Theatre sought out a temporary venue for their theatrical productions. A 6-month agreement with Silver Spades Luxury Cruises allowed the theatre to produce on-board entertainment for their fleet of cruise ships. One Caribbean-bound cruise would go on to make headlines across the world. "Murder on the High Seas". Following a hijacking and on-board killing spree, Gretna Theatre suspended their partnership with the cruise-liner. One obsessive Camp-Meeting resident with an affinity for local history and conspiracy theories is determined to uncover the truth behind these events. He needs your help. Join him in his quest for answers and justice before the true killer is able to silence anyone else…


Each box set purchase will provide you with three boxes (or "Acts"). This means that every month, you'll be receiving more physical items such as fictional clues, suspects, witness statements, and more. You'll use these clues to help you reach the end of the story and solve the murder mystery!  If you need help or hints, each box includes an objective card that details how to request assistance.



The box set is $90 - shipping and all fees included! This means each box is only $30, which is cheaper than most weekly date nights! This box set also makes a great gift.


Loved the first mystery! -Faye A.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the first box set mystery and had been hoping you would create another adventure. The quality and authenticity of the contents were so great and we had a lot of fun solving the mystery. - Marilyn C.

We absolutely loved the first set of mystery boxes. So looking forward to this new adventure! - Susan D.

I am so excited that you're doing another mystery. I LOVED the first one and can't wait to see what you have in store for me this time! - Diana H.

Really looking forward to the second mystery to solve with friends! - Julie N.

Glad you are doing another mystery event - we loved the first one! - Linda C.

When you place your order you'll need to provide your current mailing address and email address.  First, you'll want to become acquainted with the box contents. Read the objective that comes with each box and the narrative carefully, then look over the included documents and other physical items. You can solve the mystery on your own, but we encourage you to work together with family and friends! Use your detective skills to verify your hunches and breakdown suspects' whereabouts and motives. You can even get creative and put together your very own crime board to keep everything together. 


We'd love you see how you're playing! Tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #gretnamysteryfiles on Facebook and Instagram. When posting, please do not spoil the clues/ending for others!


Steve Cargile

Story Consultant
Elizabeth Angelozzi


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*Murder on the High Seas is a fictional story, which includes truthful elements.

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