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Friday, July 28th at 7:30 pm

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After playing Jerry Lee Lewis in “Million Dollar Quartet” in over 80 cities, Jason Cohen brings
his ivory-smashing, high-energy performance to a new theatrical concert. Cohen might not be
from the South or have blonde hair, but as the stories he shares tell us, he found connection with
‘The Killer’ through his music. Alongside his multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist band of
singer-musicians, the audience will be quickly reminded of the power of those tunes. Featuring
songs of Lewis’s contemporaries such as Elvis, Cash, and Buddy, as well as the New Orleans and
gospel traditionals that inspired Lewis, Great Balls of Fire will have the audience dancing,
singing, and saying “goodness gracious - when can we buy tickets again?!”

Created by Jason Cohen & Michael Schiralli
Starring Jason Cohen with

Justin K. Brown (saxophones, clarinet, piccolo, harmonica, flute, guitar, mandolin, vocals)

Luke Darnell (guitar, banjo, vocals)

Jon Rossi (drums, vocals)

Ben Sheppard (double bass, vocals)


Great Balls of Fire was created by Jason Cohen and Michael Schiralli. Musical arrangements are by Jason Cohen, Justin K. Brown, Luke Darnell, Nathan Yates Douglas, and Jon Rossi. It is the property of Emmett Productions LLC.


Logo design by Sarah Haley


Projections design by Chris McCleary

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