The world's first ever Cruise in a Box! 

Hank Greene and E.J. Cameron

Chad Rabinovitz

Presented in association with


Performances:  November 3-14, 2020

8:00 PM | Live Virtual Performance via ZOOM

Set sail for an unforgettable high seas stay-cation - and you don't even need your passport!  Your ticket doesn't just buy you passage on this not-so-nautical adventure, we'll also be mailing you a special "SHIPment" - filled with everything you'd expect from a luxury cruise; plush towels that we'll transform into animals for your cabin, ocean-scented candles, a little umbrella to shade your favorite tropical drink, and more! Then, you'll join your Live Virtual Cruise Director for a night of world-class Shipboard entertainment and variety performances as you sail across the globe – all from your own couch!  

Visit people live from Cuba, Greece, and Australia, while being entertained by 5 performers from 4 different counties - 2 of which are from America's Got Talent!



$45- all inclusive
Includes live show, interactive box, and shipping costs! Best for 2 people - families would recommend multiple boxes.


Your ticket is your boarding pass to an exclusive live Zoom room where our Cruise Director welcomes you and your shipmates and gets you ready for travel with live performances and interactive participation with the box mailed to your door.

If tickets are purchased less than 6 business days in advance, we can't guarantee your box will arrive in time.

This show is written for adults, but is family-friendly.  

Can I watch any time?

These are live events. Think of it like theater in your home. You’re purchasing a ticket to a show at a specific date and time. You’ll need to be on time!

Are the shows really live?

Yes! All of the performances are live with paid actors and a behind-the-scenes tech crew.

What if my internet goes out?

If you have any technical issues, then let us know and we’ll get you a ticket to another performance.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for the box are already included in the price of your ticket.

Do I need any special software or equipment?

Nope! You just need reliable internet access. All of our shows use Zoom, which you do not need to download or sign up for in order to participate. You simply click on the link that we send you the week of your performance, and enter the code at showtime.

Do I need one ticket for each person watching?

It depends. We’ve done everything we can to keep these experiences as affordable as possible so everyone can get a box. We recommend getting one for each person if each of you want to experience the fun first-hand (sharing is overrated). But yeah, you totally save money by purchasing just one if needed. 

I’ve seen shows on Zoom and Facebook Live before, is it like that?

Think of this as the high-end version of that. Yes, we use Zoom, but our shows are much more like an interactive TV broadcast than a webcam. We'll have multiple cameras on our performers with specialized lighting, detailed sound and music cues, and other fancy technology that makes this a heightened experience.  This is the THEATRE after all :)


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