Posted January 10, 2018

Gretna Theatre is pleased to announce dates for local auditions for our 91st anniversary season in the summer of 2018.  We will hold two separate local auditions – by appointment only – Saturday February 3, 2018, at the Mt. Gretna Fire Hall from 10 AM to 4 PM and Saturday February 10, 2018, on the Elizabethtown College Campus, Zug Building Room 125 from 9AM to 4PM.

This is an OPEN CALL and we will be seeing both Equity and Non-Equity candidates.  Equity Members must present a valid union card when signing in and will have priority over Non-Equity candidates.

All head shots must be separate from resume and must be current, color, and either 8”x 10” or 8 ½” x 11” in size.  All resumes must include name, permanent address, e-mail address, cell phone, height, weight, eye and hair color.  Those who have local housing, please indicate on your resume.

  • Gretna Theatre will utilize up to four equity contracts per show
  • Rehearsals – in Lebanon 9:30AM to 5:30PM including lunch break
  • Rehearsals – As much as 16 days prior to opening, starting Tuesdays
  • Rehearsals – Tuesday thru & including Sunday.  Monday is day off
  • Tech – 10 out of 12 hours are Tuesday & Wednesday before the opening Thursday so candidate must be available from 11AM to 11PM

See below for the cast break down by age range, character, type and vocal range for musicals before submitting.

To secure an appointment – please forward your head shot and resume to Associate Artistic Director via e-mail with your name in the subject line.  Please suggest the time that best suits your needs. Appointments will be made on a first come first served basis as close to your suggested time as possible.

We are auditioning for:

Hank Williams: Lost Highway – June 21 through June 24

The musical biography of the legendary singer-song writer



          A south Alabama hillbilly singer, thin and black-eyed.  He dresses in high-priced western suits and always wears a Stetson.

          A black south Alabama street singer of indeterminate age.

          The keeper of an all-night diner somewhere in the south.  A cheerful, lonely person.

          Hank’s mother.  A “Marjorie Main”—strong and somewhat overbearing.

          A member of Hank’s band, The Drifting Cowboys.  A big, boyish man.  Hank’s age.  Plays upright (“goghouse”) bass.

JIMMY (Burrhead)
          A member of Hank’s band, plays lead electric guitar.  From Oklahoma, especially so in his speech.

LEON (Loudmouth)
          A member of the band and a skillful musician on many instruments, featured on the fiddle.  Pleasant and taciturn.

          A founder and executive of a Nashville music publishing company.  A Midwesterner from Chicago.

          Hank’s first wife, later a professional widow.  A blond Alabama Beauty, sweet and exuberant and sure.

          The pedal steel guitarist.


Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike – June 28 through July 1

The Tony-winning comedy by Christopher Durang




VANYA – Male 50’s

Middle aged, and bored of living an unremarkable life in the family home in Bucks County, PA, and more resigned to his life compared to his sister Sonia who he is constantly bickering with.


SONIA  – Female early 50’s

Vanya’s adopted sister whom he shares the family home with.  She is discontent, upset and regretful and envious of Masha’s glamorous life.  Very much a complainer.  Sonia is a plain, frumpy figure.


MASHA – Female 50’s

Movie star sister to Vanya and Sonia who is glamorous and successful and goes gallivanting around the world.  She is imperious and tries to look and dress much younger than her age.


SPIKE – Male age 25 to 29

Masha’s ‘boy toy’ and aspiring actor who is friendly and outgoing, sexy, self-absorbed, think blond and ripped as he spends a good amount of time on stage in his underwear.


CASSANDRA – Female – any age, any race.

Sassy maid and soothsayer.


NINA – Female age 20 to 25

Lovely, sincere would-be actress whose prettiness somewhat worries Masha.  She is visiting her aunt and uncle next door and is start struck, earnest and energetic.


She Loves Me – July 12 through 15 and July 18 through 21

Musical romantic comedy with endearing innocence and old world elegance




ARPAD LAZCLO – Male age 14 to 17                             Vocal Range E4 top to Bb2 bottom

Delivery boy at Maraczek’s Parfumerie.  His exuberance is infectious and commitment to his job is remarkable.  He is ambitious and adorable.


LADISLAV SIPOS – Male age 45 to 55                           Vocal Range E4 top to A2 bottom

Not the brightest employee at Maraczek’s Parfumerie.  A confidant to Georg, he is an optimistic family man who looks like a huggable father.


ILONA RITTER – Female age 25 to 30                             Vocal Range E5 top

Employed at Maraczek’s Parfumerie.  She is sexy and learned in the ways of romance, but longing for something more from the game of love.


STEVEN KODALY – Male age 25 to 30                           Vocal Range A4 top to B2 bottom

A well respected and liked employee at Maraczek’s Parfumerie.  Though he is considered dapper and occasionally charming, he is more of a shallow womanizer.


GEORG NOWACK – Male age 25 to 30                          Vocal Range F4 top to B2 bottom

An established employee of Maraczek’s Parfumerie, he resembles a hopeless romantic,  Shy, intelligent, and soft spoken.


Mr. MARACZEC – Male age 55 to 65 Vocal Range C4 top to B2 bottom

Owner of Maraczek’s Parfumerie,  With a commanding presence, his dedication to the trade is rivaled only by his faithfulness to his wife.


AMALIA BALASH – Female age 20 to 25                     Vocal Range B5 top to C4 bottom

The eager new employee at Maraczek’s Parfumerie,  Despite being a skilled saleswoman, she easily becomes intimated and nervous.  Attractive, bright, and a lover of literature.


KELLER – Male age not noted –typical detective type in raincoat and hat.

BUSBOY –Male age not noted (no lines)

WAITER – Male age not noted but probably 30 t0 40 since this is the 1930’s – 18 lines –has a solo “A Romantic Atmosphere” and a small solo in the song “Mr. Nowack, Will you Please” Act 1 Scene 4.

NURSE – Female age not noted (no lines)


CUSTOMERS, CLERKS, COUPLES and CAROLERSpossibly filled by Gretna Theatre TYA Acting Company


The 39 Steps – August 2 through August 5

A hilarious mash-up of Alfred Hitchcock classics




Cast of 4 actors play over 150 characters.  Roles are physically demanding and require actors with stamina who can handle the physicality and quick changes.

RICHARD HANNAY #1 – 40’s handsome

CLOWN #1 – Any age – Clown #1 – plays multiple roles

CLWON #2 – Any age – Clown #2 – plays multiple roles

ACRRESS – Young, beautiful.  Plays female roles of Pamela, Annabella and Margaret



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